Welcome To The Hanish Group

The Global Water Treatment Industry’s Home For Innovation.

Our products represent REAL change for the global water treatment industry. We distribute the worlds most industry disruptive technologies. From residential POU and POE, to Commercial Industrial High Purity, to agricultural, to surface water, to disaster relief systems and components, no other group in the global water treatment industry can match our product offering on any level. Why is this?

The Hanish Group was founded on the principle that the water treatment industry has been technologically stagnant for far too long. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. This has been the trend in the water treatment industry for the past forty years.

With inevitable global environmental change at hand, we are all called to find more environmentally friendly technologies that are ecologically efficient with the ability to operate in a broad spectrum of applications. At The Hanish Group we are dedicated to discovering, refining, and bringing to market just such technologies that in the end benefit the betterment of all mankind.

What does this mean for you the independent dealer?

It means that if you join The Hanish Group, you will be the tip of the sword, you will be on the cutting edge of technology in your local market. You will always be ten steps ahead of your competition with the understanding that you are not only changing your business model, but that you are taking a hand in changing the water treatment industry as we know it today.

Welcome to the best the global water treatment industry has to offer.

Welcome to The Hanish Group.