About Hanish Group

The Hanish Group was founded in 2005 as a pioneer in the development of Physical Water Processing. Evolving from Hanish LLC, The Hanish Group was soon recognized as the Leader in the offering of industry disruptive water processing technologies. With focus, Dedication, and an eye on the future, The Hanish Group has seen tremendous success, and is now poised for future growth in the global water treatment industry. Together with the cooperation of it’s strategic partners, dealers, and global distributors, The Hanish Group is dedicated to supplying the masses with clean, safe, and affordable water. Today, The Hanish Group exists as the leader in the design and manufacturing of POU, POE, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, and Disaster Relief Physical Water Processing systems, a majority of which require no electricity to operate, waste no water in their operation, and require a much smaller footprint than any other known competitive technology.

What it means to be Green